We can’t stop playing it! - Selina via Facebook

I’m suffering Linkee withdrawl symptoms. - Helen via Facebook

Can’t recommend #Linkee from @playlinkee highly enough! Great fun - @Benest via Twitter

We’re all going nuts for @playlinkee in the office this afternoon - @lauren_tibbets via Twitter

Us and the kids are loving the game - Simmons Family via email

This game should be a global success - Mr. Gleeson via email

I’m getting Linkee withdrawal symptoms - Conor via email

38 Williamses have gone mad for Linkee - Williams Family

Love it what a fab game, recommend everybody buy it - Emma via Facebook

Love it. We just read questions over Sunday dinner, forget the rules - Selina via Facebook

What a brilliant concept, great for keeping the grey matter white - Linda via Facebook

Addicted - Steve via Twitter

Fantastic game last night. Things got pretty nasty, pretty quickly - Katie via Twitter

Such a simple idea and nice twist on trivia - Adrian via Facebook

Just played on NYE, amazing game - George via Twitter

Thanks for making our Christmas more merry than usual @two_naked via Twitter

Hilarious Linkee night with everybody shouting out random words Grace via Twitter

Brilliant game tonight in the pub. A game for all - Daniel via Twitter

Hilarious. A modern Trivial Pursuit - Rosie via Twitter

I bloody love Linkee - Jonathan via Twitter

Welcome To Dinkee Linkee-Land

Dinkee Linkee is big Linkee’s younger, cheekier brother. The rules to Dinkee are just the same as Linkee, it’s just the questions which are different, they have been written for kids, by kids.

Have a go at the cards below, or if you’re feeling creative, download and play our special ‘Blue Peter’ style make-one-at-home edition.

Name the popular food made by Captain Birds Eye that’s covered in breadcrumbs.

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Fish Fingers

Name the glass that reflect a car's headlights? You find them in the middle of the road in the tarmac.

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Cats eyes

Twelve inches equal one ‘what’?

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Name Noddy’s friend who is a wise bearded gnome.

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Big Ears

Reveal Clue

Mouth, legs and arms too

Reveal Linkee

Parts of the body

Who is Winnie-the-Pooh’s best friend?

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Who is Susie Sheep’s best friend?

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In the book Charlotte’s Web, who was Charlotte’s four-legged friend?

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Who is Kermit the Frog’s girlfriend?

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Miss Piggy

Reveal Clue

Oink oink

Reveal Linkee


Which supermarket is famous for selling frozen food?

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What sort of pepper is very hot?

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Chili (Chile)

Which bird is typically eaten at Christmas?

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What are the biggest animals in the world? They live in the sea and can longer than two buses.

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Whales (Wales)

Reveal Clue

Each one has a flag and an anthem

Reveal Linkee


What is another name for a baked potato?

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Jacket potato

A container full of costumes is called a fancy 'what' box?

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If a player scores three goals in a game it’s called a 'what'?

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A person who walks along a wire at the circus is called a 'what' rope walker?

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You put them in a suitcase

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What grows on your head?

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Hair (Hare)

The Owl and 'who' went to sea in a pea-green boat?

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Children often keep their money in what kind of little bank they keep at home?

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A sausage in a bun is called a hot 'what'?

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You would find lots of these in a pet shop

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Whose grandmother was eaten by the Big Bad Wolf?

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Little Red Riding Hood's

What is the most common fruit juice people drink at breakfast?

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Snoopy's best friend is called Charlie 'who'?

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Who lived with seven dwarves in the famous fairy tale? Snow _____.

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There are seven of these in every rainbow

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Linkee is a super-simple, shouty-out quiz game with a twist. The twist being you don’t win by answering the questions but by working out what the answers have in common. For example, if the answers were John, Paul, George and Ringo, the Linkee would be, The Beatles. Easy, eh?

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